DAY AT THE CIRCUS                                                                                                                               
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We finally made it out to go to the circus in town.  It was really cool.  It was kind of cirque du soleil ish, but they had some
more normal acts and some clowns and stuff.  There were also cool lasers and flashing lights.  We got a sitter for Chester so
it was just Audrey and the folks.  It was really nice just to spend time with the three of us.  Most of these shots were taken
using my telephoto lens.  Not only was I able to get 'close enough' to get a good shot.  But generally speaking, the telephoto
requires less light than my wide angle does.
The stage.  The whole thing was set up on water and used the water a lot.
The contortionists.  I don't think I'd ever want to be able to do that with my body.
I realize that this is two of the same act, but I love the bored expression on this lady's face, like she does it every single day so it's not even cool anymore.
The tightrope walker.
Blurry, but this was my favorite act so it's on here.  She'd swing on this band and then jump off and catch it with her feet.
The cool jumpropers did all sorts of acrobatics while jumping.
Laura liked these ones best.
During every act they had synchronized swimmers in the water dancing to the music.
This guy played with three 8 foot long snakes.  Crazy.
Then he tamed an alligator, which was probably drugged up in the first place.
Trained seal.
Laura and Audj
The finale.
They even had a live band providing the music.  They were cool.  The tambourine player was cool.
They had this big pirate ship trapeeze with five trapeeze artists.
This lady sang for most of the numbers.  Enya style songs.  Every dress had the same silhouette, but this was the coolest.
They had some filler acts like this ribbon twirler.  It was very rythmic gymnasticsy.
The fourth clown.  He also trained the dogs.  He was also young.  I'd have to wager about 17 or 18.
The dogs.  They walked around on their hind legs like they were born that way.
Three of the clowns.  They were funny, but they spoke in Russian so I didn't catch a lot of the dialogue.