FREIBERG AND PRAGUE, DEC 10-14, 2007 - DAY 1                                                                            
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A while back, Laura and I decided that we would try to go on a temple trip to the Freiberg, Germany temple (outside of
Dresden) and leave our kids with someone back in Kyiv.  When we had a really good friend offer to take our kids for a week,
we jumped on the opportunity.  It was a wonderful trip, one of my most favorite trips ever, and that's saying a lot!  Without kids,
I was free to take a lot of pictures, so consider yourself warned :)
The day before we left, actually.  
The kids were helping us pack
our things.  For some reason,
they really like to hide in the
suitcases.  You can scroll over
the picture to play peek-a-boo
with Audrey!
The next morning we got up
dark and early to catch our 6:30
a.m. flight to Prague.  Yikes.  It
was early!  But, the airport was
a breeze!  We only had one
suitcase and one carry on
apiece.  No need to worry about
strollers and diaper bags and
car seats.  It was awesome!
So to get to Freiberg, we rented
a car and drove up from
Prague.  Can you guess which
one is ours!  (How do you like
the row of little Euro-cars, by the
Driving through the Czech Republic did
pose some problems, especially when we
followed the somewhat obscure
directions the guy at the car rental place
gave us.  We got just a tiny bit lost, so
ducked into a gas station to buy a map.  
Luckily, the lady at the station spoke
German.  I was actually a little surprised
and very pleased at how much German
came FLOODING back when I had the
opportunity and the necessity of
speaking it to everyone.  (By the way, did
you guess right?  We had the red car!)
Since we weren't going to check into the guest home at the temple until the evening, and since our flight was so early, we did stop in
Dresden on the way up to take a look around.  I did have the opportunity to visit Dresden in 1995 when I was an exchange student
in Austria, and even from what I remember from way back then, the city has gone through a lot of renovation and reconstruction and
modernization.  It was  a nice city.  They had a number of little Christmas markets set up (and one really huge one) and we walked
around and soaked up the ambiance for a couple of hours.  Another fun part of this stop for me was the roasted Maroni (Chestnuts)
that they were selling in one little market where everyone was dressed in period costumes.  When I was an exchange student, I used
to get roasted Chestnuts all the time.  They were so good fresh and warm.  I was so excited to see them again,
and they were just
as good as I remembered them!  We also took the opportunity to eat some Bratwurst and pretzels.  Our favorite part of this leg,
however, was the fact that there were all Germans there, meaning we weren't just in tourist-ville, but we went to a place the natives
go to!  After Dresden, we made it to Freiberg, went grocery shopping and went to bed.  (PS The big pyramid was really huge.  
Those figures were life sized at least!)  
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