FREIBERG AND PRAGUE, DEC 10-14, 2007 - DAY 2                                                                            
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Most of the second day we spent in the temple, from about 8 in the morning until about 3 p.m.  After we were finished, though,
we decided to take a quick look around Freiberg to see what we could see.  They also had a Christmas market where we did
most of our souvenir shopping, but it was really really foggy, so we only took the little camera and only took a couple of
pictures.  After shopping, we went to a little cafe, where we had some hot chocolate, accompanied by Pflaum and Apfel
Kuchen.  We also tried to take our picture by putting the camera on the table.  It didn't work too good.  (Yes, I know that is
supposed to be well, but I'm using good stylistically.)  All in all, it was a lovely outing.
The temple has a guest home to accommodate people traveling from far distances.  There isn't a restaurant, but a
communal dining hall.  There's a locker for everyone to keep their dry goods, a big kitchen, and a separate bin in a
refrigerator to keep, well, refrigerated items.  The bottom picture is just to show that sometimes even knowing the
language doesn't help.  We were looking at the cans of soups and I read "Kartoffel Suppe mit Gemuse."  Great, I
thought, Potato Soup with Vegetables!  The picture on the can looked odd, however, because it looked like they had
made the soup with whole carrots.  Supposing it to be just a peculiarity, we bought it.  Somehow I missed the banner that
said, "Jetzt mit vier Wurstchen - Now with four sausages!"  That's right my friend, they weren't carrots, they were hot
dogs.  It was not so yummy.   Oh well.
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