FREIBERG AND PRAGUE, DEC 10-14, 2007 - DAY 3                                                                            
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Although I had wanted to take some night shots of the temple the night before, it was so foggy I thought I would wait until
morning to see if the fog would let up.  It didn't, so I went ahead and took some early morning shots (which, actually look just
like the night shots).  We spent the morning in the temple, took a quick shot of us outside the temple, and then traveled back
down to Prague.  Which was quite an ordeal, again getting lost and again happy the Czechs spoke German!  We finally got to
our hotel, czeched in, and went out to dinner.  When we started planning this trip, Laura read a guide to Prague that included
restaurant reviews.  In the restaurant reviews she read that there were some Thai restaurants in Prague.  Kyiv has no Thai
restaurants, so Laura was determined that a stop at a Thai restaurant would be on our list of things to do.  So, that first night
we went out for Thai food in the Czech Republic.  A little odd, to be sure, but it was good Thai food and Laura was happy.  
The pic of the building is the Municipal House which was right by our hotel.
Enough food pictures, I want to see the Prague Pics!!!