FREIBERG AND PRAGUE, DEC 10-14, 2007 - DAY 5                                                                            
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Our last day.  We got up, went to the airport, flew home, and got to see our kids again and nobody was worse for the wear.  
As Laura said on the plane ride home, "If we get home safely and our kids are still well, then this trip was a 100% success!"  
So, I guess it was a 100% success!
So what did the kids do while we were away?  They had lots of fun with Deidre and Sandra,
that's what!  On Monday night for FHE, they made gingerbread houses.  After that, their
camera's battery died.  The rest of the days were filled with more one on one attention than
the kids have gotten in awhile, poor things.  When Deidre and Sandra finally left, Audrey
hugged Deidre and said, "I will miss you when you're gone."  They had a really good time,
and we will forever be grateful that we had such wonderful people to leave our kids with
while we were gone!