WE FINALLY GET GUESTS                                                                                                                    
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So, for the first time in the three years we've lived overseas we got people from the United States to come and visit!  Liz and
Jean, two of Laura's friends that she's had since they were about yea high, came to visit for about a week and a half.  The
Saturday they were here we got a sitter so that I could go sightseeing.  We had  a lot of fun, and did a lot of sightseeing
that we wouldn't be able to do with the kids, like climbing St. Sophia's bell tower, etc.  Below are a bunch of pictures from that
First stop, the Lavra.  A complex, really, featuring chapels, museums (including a book museum, Mom!), a bell tower, etc.  
There were also some grottoes with mummified monks.  They wouldn't let you take pictures down there, and I was kind of
happy about that because it was spooky.
Next up, Andriyvski Spusk, or the souvenir street.  We got to walk around St. Andrew's though, and climb up this other really
long staircase for another view of the church.  Things that we wouldn't have done with a stroller.
Finally, St. Sophia's and the statue of Bohdan Khmelnitsky (the guy who led the Cossack uprising against the Poles).  My
camera setting were weird, so the picture turned out weird.  Oh well.
St. Michael's was the third place we visited (after a yummy Ukrainian Lunch at Puzata Hata.  Mmmm.).  These pictures were
shot from the hip as I technically wasn't allowed to take pictures *cough* but there were a lot of people blatantly taking pictures
and nobody was getting angry with them and taking their cameras away, so I felt pretty safe...