MORMON MISSIONARIES - PART DEUX                                                                                               
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I decided to reprise the shoot I did with the missionaries last year.  I went out and bought my own hats, so I like the hats a lot
better than last year.  It was fun to do the shoot.  Elder Campbell (redhead) is a bit more of a goof, so I have a few more
pictures of him goofing off than I do Elder Gassaway, um, not goofing off.  They're really good guys, though, and we're really
lucky to have them serving in our branch.  My favorites are the black and whites near the middle of the page.  I like the way E.
Gassaway is spiking the camera (a term that I heard on the photo boards meaning looking right into the lens) and I think that
E. Campbell's looks kind of JFK-esque for some reason...  Oh, and the 'gang symbols' they're flashing are really the American
Sign Language letters K and V for their hometowns for Kaysville, UT and Vancouver, WA.