TRAVELING TO SPAIN                                                                                                                          
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We had a long weekend in March, and we thought, "Hmmmm...  We could potty train Audrey, or we could go to Spain."  Well, it
didn't take us very long to figure out that Spain was definitely the more desirable option.  So, we packed up our things and
made our way to Malaga, Spain.  We played at the beach, swam at the pool, and had a generally relaxing vacation.  One day,
we took a trip up to Seville, which really was quite beautiful.  Unfortunately, however, my camera bag got stolen (my camera
with a dead battery was around my neck.  So, while the camera was safe, I still couldn't take any pictures because the spare
battery was in the bag...).  So, the only pictures I have of that day came from a little throw away camera.  I would encourage
you to do a Flickr search to see some cool pictures of Seville, because it really was a great place.  Hey, with the wonders of
the Internet, I could even do it for you!  
HERE you go.  Wow, now wasn't that easy?  I also put on a whole page of Audrey
pictures, a page of
Chester pictures, and a page of my more artsy pictures.  This page is the only page with captions,
though.  Enjoy!
The first set of pictures is travelling to Spain, and wanting, really to take some pictures of the kids in Italy, where we laid over
in Milan.  Also, we travelled on Chester's 8 month birthday, and I wanted to get an 8 month shot of him, however goofy it may
be.  For our Manila friends, we were really surprised to see a big billboard for San Miguel beer right outside of the airport.  I
guess that Spanish colonization effected more than just the last names of the Filipinos!
We stayed in a little Eurocamp cabin/campground area because it was, well, cheap.  But, it was a good time anyway.  We had
a barbecue grill which we took full advantage of.  As tragic as it may seem, we also brought our portable DVD player with us to
use during the down times.  It was nice to have fresh food that we didn't have to worry too much about.  Like the strawberries
that Audrey's eating, or the salad in a bag tha we could just eat from the bag.  Everyone needs a first world break every once
in awhile!
Hanging out on the beach.  I thought it'd already be the Atlantic, but it's still on the Mediterranean side of the Straights of
The ill-fated trip to Seville (see above).  I did enjoy the day, though.   On the way up we passed the rock of Gibralter, the last
British colony and featured in the Prudential life insurance adds.  We didn't take the time to go visit it, however.  The second
set is the Torre del Oro, the only place I got pictures, because that's where my battery died and where the bag was stolen.  
The last set is the Seville cathedral with my cheap-o camera.  The cathedral is also the place where Christopher Columbus is
buried.  The fountain is right outside the cathedral.
On the way out, we went to the Fuengirola Zoo.  It was the perfect zoo.  Well kept, perfect size for a two year old to enjoy,
and the animals were actually doing stuff.  In the picture on the right, there were actually about a dozen crocodiles in that pile,
it was actually a little bit scary!