BUSINESS TRIP TO CRIMEA,  OCT 24-26, 2007                                                                                    
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I finally got to go to the Crimean peninsula proper.  I flew to Simferopol, where I did some training, but I also got to travel to
Chornomorskoe, Yevpatoria (2,500 years old!), and Bakhchisaray.  Scroll over the pics for captions!
Some of the rebar holding two panels of the concrete wall together
Dilapidated Pier - Outside Yevpatoria
Edge of the tile roof - Bakhchisaray
Fountain of tears - Bakhchisaray
Borispyl from the Tarmac - Home again in Kyiv
The gate of the mosque - Yevpatoria
Italian Doorway - Bakhchisaray Palace
Fountain of Tears HDR - Bakhchisaray
HDR of the domestic terminal of Borispyl Airport
Meeting Room of the Palace - Bakhchisaray
Stadium behind my hotel - Simferopol
Bogdan Khmelnitsky - Simferopol
The park - Simferopol
Payphones - Simferopol
Movie House - Simferopol
Every town needs a Lenin statue - Simferopol
Orthodox church - Yevpatoria
Boating on the Black Sea - Outside Yevpatoria