FAMILY TRIP TO LVIV,  OCT 8-10, 2007                                                                                                
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We finally took a little road trip outside of Kyiv!  We drove the 7-ish hours to Lviv on Monday, toured Lviv a bit on Tuesday
and drove back on Wednesday.  Not a long trip, to be sure, but a pretty perfectly sized one for our little family!  The kids did
really well, and were big time troopers the day that we did Lviv, walking about.  Our hotel was good, too, with a private little
park that the kids could get their wiggles out in.  Fun days all around.  Scroll over for captions.
part of the original wall of Lviv
A tree with lots of exposed roots that I thought would look cool in HDR
The same famous church on the way down the hill.
One of the more famous churches
On the way home.  It was nice to see such big sky.  It made me miss Colorado.
Chester looking cute with some leaves on the way down.
Another HDR on the way home.
Audrey running to me through Lviv
Waiting for the ladies, I pulled out my camera and Chester started cheesing it big time. Priceless!
The main building in the market square
Audrey was pooped.
random alley that we walked through, but I liked it.
Shevchenko monument (every town has one) and Audj
Me and the kids in front of the opera house.  Yes, I'm actually in a picture!
Laura and Chester after climbing the big hill overlooking the city.