YOUNG WOMEN                                                                                                                                       
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Right before Valentine's Day, the Young Women came to our house to do a photo shoot.  I originally didn't post their pictures
because I wasn't sure if they'd be ok with that or not, but after getting the go ahead, I assembled the page below.  Enjoy!  
Because this is my page, I get certain liberties with being able to put my favorite pictures up.  So, while it may not be the
favorites of the girls or their parents, they're the ones I like.  I hope you forgive me!
Natasha is actually the recently called Young Women's President.  She's native Ukrainian.
There's actually only two active young women, Adriana and her sister Sabrina.  Adriana is the older one.   I really like the
black and white one on the bottom in a high contrast black and white shot with a square crop, but it didn't fit with the flow of
the page...  If you want, you can still see it
I like the top one best as I feel it is a very genuine smile.  I photoshopped a few of them so that they were in black and white
with only the roses in color, but, well, none of them are on the page.  Sorry!