THE PERFECT ANNIVERSARY GIFT                                                                                                      
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Laura gave me the perfect anniversary gift this year, an hour and a half all to myself to take pictures!  I could have taken
longer had I wanted, but it was SOOOOO cold outside, that was about all I could handle!  I decided to try and discover a
pedestrian bridge that I had heard about where people tie pieces of cloth and lock padlocks to it as a way of professing their
love one to another.  Those pics are on my
photo-a-day.  On the way to and from the bridge, however, I took a few other
pictures that I liked, so assembled the collection here.  Scroll over for captions.
The view of downtown Kyiv from the white house.
The Ukrainian White House
Just a little artsy one
another shot in the park
a shot in the park
mariniskiy palace.  There's a lot of construction around it right now, so this is the best I could get.
The dome of the Ukrainian parliament building
another in my taksofon series
I love old Soviet monuments.
Some of the many many snow characters in the downtown area.
The roof of the market where I bought Laura's flowers.
Tulips for our anniversary.
The frozen Dnipr in HDR
The left bank