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George and Clara                                                                                                                                                 
Studio Work
During my trip to my brother's house, I took a lot of pictures of his cats.  I've never really done animal photography before because,
well, I'm not really a pet person.  Nonetheless, Nate's cats were fun to photograph.  Despite their color differences, they're actually
from the same litter.  Nate, a classical music aficionado named his cats (both girls) after his favorite composers' lovers.  Clara, the
lighter cat, is named after Clara Schumann , the wife of Robert Schumann, but also Brahms' lifelong unrequited love. George is
named after George Sand, a lover of Chopin's.  She was a poet and dressed in men's clothes.  Hence, Nate thought it was perfect
because she seems like a girl cat in a boy cat costume.