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Matt W.                                                                                                                                                                  
Studio Work
My friend Matt came over and let me photograph him for awhile.  It was actually my first time photographing an adult model without
kids.  He was
very kind and let me experiment and try things.  I learned a ton and it makes me want to have more of my friends come
over and model.
  I think I worked with Matt for over 3 hours, both indoors and outdoors.  (He's here temporarily from the States and
wanted some shots of him in front of Stockholm's landmarks in return for coming to my studio
.  It did let me experiment a bit with fill
flash.  I threw in a couple of my faves at the end.
)  I'm not sure if I prefer the color or the bw versions, so I have both on here.  If you
mouse over the images, you'll get the bw prints.