December 2, 2006                                                                                                                                 
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As explained yesterday, I did a photo shoot today for my friends Dan, Sheri and Ellie.  It was lots of fun, but it was hard to get
Ellie to smile.  They went to Brazil recently, and Ellie still hasn't adjusted to the jet lag from the return trip.  Below is my favorite
group shot from the shoot, but I also did solos of
Sheri and Ellie, and because I wanted to scout out a possible photo shoot
Dan humored me by following me outdoors to shoot a few (Thanks again, Dan!).  On our way back in, the djornaya
(I have no clue how to transliterate that, it's basically the front desk lady) asked me if I would be so kind as to take her picture.  
I obliged, and her
portrait actually turned out to be one of my favorites for the day.  It may have been the photo of today, if I
hadn't already told you about the formal shoot I was doing!

And, last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad!  Wahoo!
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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
F 10 - 1/250 Seconds
ISO 100
Alien Bees 800 Studio Lights (x2)
December 3rd, 2006
December 1st, 2006
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