November 5, 2006                                                                                                                                    
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As you know, we got our first real snow last night, which meant that Audrey had her first opportunity to play in her first real
snow today. Good thing we got our Land's End shipment with boots and snowpants, etc.  Not that she was walking through the
snow, but still...  At any rate, she loved playing with the snow and was quite upset when I took her back in.  I showed her how
snowballs would shatter when you threw them, and she kept wanting me to make more and more so that we could throw them
and watch them splat.  Laura actually gets photo credits for today, as she took the pictures off of the balcony while we were
playing.  Audrey's showing her how the snowballs splat.

Coming back in,
Chester fell asleep in my arms, and Laura took a picture.  She gets the Photo-A-Day credits for that one, too!
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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Composite picture
Taken by Laura
November 6th, 2006
November 4th, 2006