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December 2nd, 2007
December 1, 2007                                                                                                                                                
November 30th, 2007
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As I've mentioned before on this PAD, last year Audrey thought that every single piece of our advent calendar belonged in the
manger.  Wanting to see if she still felt that way, we had her put the first piece on this morning.  Sure enough, the angel wound up
in they hay!

And as today is the start of the advent season, I feel it's only appropriate to announce that Laura has
finished her advent book
that she's been working on night and day for the last few weeks.  These books will make a great gift for a friend or a visiting/home
teachee, or a sibling, or really for whomever.  Just print up the pics, put them in a 4x6 album, and you have it made!  The word
document with additional stories will be on the web tomorrow (or maybe the next day depending on how busy tomorrow is!)
Canon EOS 30D
F 5 - 1/60 seconds
ISO 200