March 10, 2007                                                                                                                                          
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This was the day that I got my camera bag stolen in Seville (right by the Torre del Oro).  It didn't hurt my opinion of Seville,
though, in that I thought it was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever spent time in.  Unfortunately my camera battery died
about 10 minutes into our trip, and therefore I didn't get many digital pictures (my extra battery was in the stolen camera bag).  
We did buy a cheap disposable camera, so I'll have to see if any of those pictures came out well before I decide what my
photo-a-day is going to be.  Funny story: We went to the
Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe and the
place where Christopher Columbus' remains are entombed.  While I was in awe at this big cathedral, Audrey exclaimed, "Look
Dad, Chairs!" and pointed to the folding chairs piled up by one column.  We're all impressed by different things, I guess.  I
forgot the name of the fountain/lightpost in the picture below, but it's famous and Spanish, and it looks ok all things considered.
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March 11th, 2007
March 9th, 2007
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Random Disposable Camera
ISO 400