"Larry 2"
"Pink Squared"
"Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere"
"Lexi 1"
"Lexi 2"
"I love CO"
An attempt at a cutout.  It turned out ok.
"At Jefferson"
She was looking at Jefferson.  I liked the light on her face.
"Barefoot Break"
On the steps of the Jefferson Memorial
A self portrait
"Front or Back"
A self portrait
My second-cousin-once-removed-in-law, I think.
This is my nephew looking like a precious moments drawing.
Peace Out
Grandma Smiling at the Baby
Kelly Lynne
Kristin 1
Kristin 2
Kristin Looking Angry
My beautiful babe Audrey, of course
Audrey's best friend, Liesl.  
On a side note, I love the way blue eyes look in black and white.
Audrey between bath and bed times
Self Portrait 1
Self Portrait 2
Self Portrait 3
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One of my goals as a photographer is to do portraits of people. Not like studio Wal-mart type portraits, but portraits that
are a little different, a little unique.  My problem?  I don't have any models...  So, I have to content myself with taking
pictures of my baby :)  This page will hopefully be a continuously updated page as I take more portraits and add more
pictures of people, so check back often.  If any of you want to volunteer your services and let me take pictures of you,
I'd appreciate it.  Until that time, however, you'll have to content yourself with pictures of babies and self-portraits.
"Max" (So it breaks the Wal-Mart studio-esque portrait ban, but
he's still a cute kid!